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Going to Moscow? Beware of Visa Scams

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scammers do not rest in trying to get hard earned cash of people looking for a better way of life abroad. This time, their target are Filipinos wanting to work in Russia with visa scams.

The Philippine Embassy in Moscow has warned Filipinos wanting to work in Russia about a visa scam. Scammers are on the look-out for Filipinos wanting a speedy release of their visa to Russia, offering their services for a substantial fee.

Interested Filipinos should refer to the following basic visa information provided by the Philippine consulate:

  • The appropriate visa for living and working legally in Russia is a “WORKING” visa.
  • Holders of “COMMERCIAL,” “BUSINESS,” “TOURIST,” or “STUDENT” visas are not allowed to work in Russia.
  • A “WORKING” visa must be obtained from a Russian Embassy or Consulate prior to arrival in Russia. It must be arranged by the Russian employer who invites the foreign worker.
  • A “WORKING” visa allows employment with the inviting company/individual only and not with any other entity.
  • “COMMERCIAL,” “BUSINESS,” “TOURIST,” and “STUDENT” visas cannot be legally converted to “WORKING” visas while holder is in the territory of the Russian Federation.

And for those currently applying for a visa to Russia, it is best to contact the Philippine Embassy in Moscow directly at

Let us all help in spreading the news to fight out these scammers.

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