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Revised Federal Skilled Worker Program of Canada

Saturday, August 18, 2012

After the sad news of temporary pause on new applications to the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) last July, here is the revised Federal Skilled Worker Program of Canada every aspiring immigrants should know about.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is proposing the following changes to the FSWP:

  • Making language the most important selection factor by establishing new minimum official language thresholds and increasing points for language;
  • Increasing the emphasis on younger immigrants, who are more likely to acquire valuable Canadian experience and remain in the workforce longer;
  • Increasing points for Canadian work experience and reducing points for foreign work experience;
  • Simplifying the arranged employment process to prevent fraud and abuse yet enable employers to staff positions quickly; and
  • Awarding points for spousal language ability and Canadian experience.
Other important aspects of the proposed revised FSWP are:
  • Mandatory Educational Credential Assessment
  • improvements to the Canadian Experience Class
  • creation of a new Federal Skilled Trades Program

The proposed changes will take effect when CIC starts again to accept applicants under the FSWP early 2013. Know more about this important update by reading the official statement of the Revised Federal Skilled Worker Program of Canada here.

My takeaway for the proposed changes are (1) that aspiring immigrants need to to be competent in the Canadian English and/or French language, (2) age will now be a factor and (3) education attained need to be on par with Canada's education level. Those are something to prepare for if you consider migrating to Canada under FSWP. Best of luck. :)

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