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Beware of Scams by UK Border Agency Posers

Friday, August 17, 2012

Here's a blog post in support of warning those aspiring to immigrate to UK against scams perpetuated by criminals posing as from the UK Border Agency.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is the border control agency of the British government and an Executive Agency of the Home Office. It was formed on 1 April 2008 by a merger of the Border and Immigration Agency (BIA), UKvisas and the Detection functions of HM Revenue and Customs. The decision to create a single border control organisation was taken following a Cabinet Office report.

The agency is divided into three broad command structures, each under the management of a senior director:
  • external controls including visa issue in overseas posts
  • borders, including passport and customs controls
  • internal immigration controls including asylum, management of applications for further stay and enforcement.

Its head office is 2 Marsham Street, London. The current Chief Executive is Rob Whiteman.

from Wikipedia

Some of these scams are:
  • Foreign criminals advertising fake UK jobs on the internet. Individuals that apply are told they have a job and are directed to a link to pay for visa and work permit fees. These websites are not operated by us, and you should not click on any of the links or pay any money.
  • Students at a number of UK universities have received calls from individuals who claim they work for the UK Border Agency, giving a false name and a return phone number. These calls are not from the UK Border Agency. The caller may appear to be genuine and convincing and explain that there is a serious problem with your immigration status, and that you need to send a payment as soon as possible to prevent further action including deportation..
  • A request for payment of a deposit as proof that you have sufficient funds to support your arrival in the UK until your first salary is received..

Read the full advisory at the official UK Border Agency website especially the part on what to do and who to contact.

I pray that all those UK immigrant hopefuls will be safe against scammers and UK Border Agency Posers.

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