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April 2012 Visa Bulletin - All Is Not Lost

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Canadian government is taking a bold step in clearing their backlog of immigration cases and feels they must be able to change more quickly to the needs of employers. As such, Citizenship and Immigration Canada proposed to close the files of FSW applicants who applied before February 27, 2008, and for whom an immigration officer has not made a decision based on selection criteria by March 29, 2012. The process has gotten more difficult. But for something as valuable as an immigrant visa to Canada, it is still worth it.

We of course understand that it's not easy accepting this development specially if you have waited for almost 8 years already only to be told that your application will not be processed.

But all is not lost. Options for Pre-February 27, 2008 FSW Applicants.


British Columbia Nurses Union Demand 2,000 More Staff Nurses. The union representing British Columbia's 30,000 nurses is throwing a spotlight on what it argues is declining patient care as it appeals for public support to hire thousands of additional workers in the latest round of contract negotiations.

Noynoying in Canada. Planking is out, Noynoying is in. Noynoying is also in for Filipino youth in Canada!


FRAUD: Recognize It. Report It. Stop It.Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Competition Bureau are joining together during Fraud Prevention Month to warn potential immigrants to be wary of websites claiming to be, or to be affiliated with, official Government of Canada websites.

Canada Miss Universe Disqualifies Transgender Contestant. Canada may be liberal in recognizing same sex marriagaes and same sex common-law partnerships, but it looks like a transgender is not welcome in Canada's Miss Universe.

Visa Corner

Mr and Mrs Accountant. Accountants are not included in the current list of priority occupations. It's a good thing that Mr and Mrs Castelo made a timely decision 2 years ago. When they learned that Accountants are included in the priority list, they immediately grabbed the opportunity.

IELTS Examination Is No Hindrance. Ms. Marigold Rocero, a Registered Nurse, is one of those who opted for the Acedemic Module when they took the IELTS examination. General Training Module is the required module but there was a period in the past that Academic Module is being accepted. Thus, those with IELTS exam result ready, even if it's Academic Module, were submitted just the same in filing their application. But Citizenship and Immigration Canada eventually implemented strictly the rule on IELTS module requirement.

Manila Visa Office FSW Processing Updates

Pre-Feb 27, 2008 FSW Applications
Applications filed before February 27, 2008 are those filed mostly using the Simplified Application Process. Current proceesing period for this batch is 82 months. Canadian Visa Office in Manila is currently processing applications filed November 25, 2004. Citizenship and Immigration Canada proposed a legislation to wipe out this backlog and refund the processing fees of FSW applications filed before February 27, 2008 which do not have a decision as March 29, 2012.

Read: Refund up to $130 million FSW Processng Fees, Proposed.

Ministerial Instruction 1 (MI-1)
MI-1 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from Feb 28, 2008 to June 25, 2010. Applicants under this batch are those with at least one year experience in of the 38 high demand occupations. For the last two weeks, we received several notices (Medical Instructions, Passport Requests and Visas) from the Visa Office for this batch. Medical Instructions were issued to cases filed on February 05, 2011 (documents submitted to Visa Office after CIO assessment).

Ministerial Instruction 2 (MI-2)
MI-2 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from June 26, 2010 to June 30, 2011. Applicants under this batch are those with at least one year experience in any of the 29 in-demand occupations and were promised 6-12 months processing period. There's a cap of 1,000 applications per occupation, and the Canadian Visa Office in Manila is current so far. The latest who received Medical Examination requests under this group are those who received positive assessment from CIO dated September 1, 2011.

Ministerial Instruction 3 (MI-3)
MI-3 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from July 1, 2011 to present. The latest assessment notice we have received so far are for those filed FEBRUARY 27, 2012. The latest application which received Medical Instruction was application filed October 24, 2011.

If your application was filed before February 27, 2012 and you still did not received any notice from CIO, there is a chance that your application may be returned unprocessed due to the cap imposed per occupation. If your job classification is Pharmacist, Dentist or Physician, the cap may have been reached already when CIO received your application. Should this be the case, you must be ready to refile your application this coming July 2012.

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