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SSS Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) Program for OFWs

Thursday, March 8, 2012

If you are an overseas Filipino contract worker and you want to make sure that your SSS premium is being paid timely and continuously, you may want to enroll with SSS Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) Program.

This blog post about How to Make SSS Premium payments while in Canada also applies to other Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

With the ADA Program, you save time, money and effort. Also, your payments are immediately posted. You no longer need to:

- go to the bank or to SSS every month for your social security contributions and loan amortization payments;
- fill-up so many forms;
- queue at the bank or at the SSS; and
- worry, for your accounts are easily and accurately recorded.

Find more information about SSS Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) Program for OFWs by visiting

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sunshine reyes said...

Hi. Me & my hubby are OFWs. We have a Savings Account under my name. Is there a way I can enrol my SSS ADA through online with my BDO account? No one can process it kasi sa Pinas, since my Mother-in-Law is very old already. I saw a PDF form of ADA on the Internet. or do they need for a personal appearance in the bank? and my second question is, the account is on my name. Can I enrol my husband also in the same account? He is currently on vacation so hopefully you can reply me before he'll come back, just in case.

thank you.

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