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March 2012 Visa Bulletin - Be ready all the time

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the spotlight now are those Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) applicants filed before February 27, 2008. These are applicants who have been waiting for more than 7 years now. In a speech at the Economic Club of Canada Event last week, The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P. Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism mentioned three ways they are exploring to reduce the immigrationn (FSW) backlog. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is actively thinking of solution to FSW Backlog. This, however, includes an option to legislate away immigration backlogs.

FSW Backlog Reduction Pilot Program

We recently received letter of invitation for 130 clients whose FSW application was filed before Fenruary 27, 2008 to apply under the FSW Reduction Pilot Project. The aim of this pilot is to nominate FSW applicants with experience in kev occupations under Provincial Nominee Programs. Applicants are being selected based on the indicated province of their destination and their declared work experience. If selected, you have to submit your application as soon as possible. There is a limit on the number of applications to be accepted and this is a limited time offer only. IELTS Examination result is required, but this shouldn't really be a problem for those who did what we have been suggesting for quite a time now - that you should be ready all the time.

Get ready for July 2012

Whether you are yet to file your application or you have a pending FSW application filed before February 27, 2008, you should get your documents ready NOW in time for another window of opportunity this coming July 2012. Changes will most likely be implemented and it is best if you will prepare for it as early as now.

Language Proficiency

Language Proficiency is the key
The proposed new points system gives more value to language proficiency and less on work experience. There will be a required minimum level of language profiency depending on the applicant's occupation skills. This means a lower language requirement for a Welder than a Nurse. The maximum points to be awarded for proficiency in the first official language may be increased from 16 to 20. If you want to get ready for July 2012, schedule your IELTS Examination NOW!

Credentails Assessment

Canada may soon copy Australia's immigration program by requiring applicants in regulated/licensed occupations to have their professional credentials approved first before they may apply. This process may take time. If you want to be ready, this is one thing you may want to consider doing as early as now. Besides, you will really need this process if you plan to practice your profession in Canada. Furthemore, With your professional credentials approved, it would be easier for you to fina a job offer from Canada. With a job offer, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada even if your occupation is not included in the priority occupations.

For those who haven't done yet, log on to for fill up your application forms. Submit your documents for checking ASAP. Your application forms and supporting documents must be ready on or before June 15, 2012.

Manila Visa Office FSW Processing Updates

Pre-Feb 27, 2008 FSW Applications
Applications filed before February 27, 2008 are those filed mostly using the Simplified Application Process. Current proceesing period for this batch is 82 months. Canadian Visa Office in Manila is currently processing applications filed November 25, 2004.

Ministerial Instruction 1 (MI-1)
MI-1 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from Feb 28, 2008 to June 25, 2010. Applicants under this batch are those with at least one year experience in of the 38 high demand occupations. They were originally promised 6-12 months processing period. The promised processing period materialized only during the first few months but since there's no limit on the number of applications to be received, it resulted to unantiicpated backlogs. Current processing time under this batch is 17 months. The latest notice we received under this batch was for application filed (documents submitted to Visa Office after CIO assessment) NOVEMBER 27, 2010. The latest to received visa for this batch was an application submitted to Visa Office on October 28, 2010

Ministerial Instruction 2 (MI-2)
MI-2 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from June 26, 2010 to June 30, 2011. Applicants under this batch are those with at least one year experience in any of the 29 in-demand occupations and were promised 6-12 months processing period. There's a cap of 1,000 applications per occupation, and the Canadian Visa Office in Manila is current so far. The latest who received Medical Examination requests under this group are those who received positive assessment from CIO dated September 1, 2011, no movement for almost a month now.

Ministerial Instruction 3 (MI-3)
MI-3 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from July 1, 2011 to present. The latest assessment notice we have received so far are for those filed FEBRUARY 08, 2012. The latest application which received Medical Instruction was application filed October 11, 2011.


SSS Premium Payments While In Canada
Do you stil want to continue paying your SSS Premium While working abroad? With the SSS Auto-Debit Arrangement Program, you save time, money and effort. Also, your payments are immediately posted. You no longer need to worry, for your accounts are easily and accurately recorded.

Marriage For Convenience No More?
If you were granted a permanent residence status in Canada through Family Class Sponsorship (Spouse), you will now have to wait for five years from the day you were granted a permanent residence status before you can sponsor a new partner. Prior to this new policy, a sponsored spouse or partner arriving in Canada as a permanent resident could leave their sponsor and sponsor another spouse or partner themselves, while their original sponsor was still financially responsible for them for up to three years.

March 2012 Visa Bulletin - Be ready all the time

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