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Mining & Gas Jobs in Demand in Queensland, Australia

Thursday, October 20, 2011

For people currently in Queensland, Australia, mining and gas jobs just might be their ticket to a better future.

As reported by Jeremy Pierce in The Courier-Mail, thousands flocked to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia for the first of five Mining & Gas Jobs Exposition.

Mining and gas jobs are in high demand in Australia nowadays. The allure of these kind jobs can be compared to the gold rush in the US in the past.

These jobs attract thousands of hopefuls because mining companies offer lucrative compensation. For instance, unskilled trade assistants and cooks can command a salary reaching up $ 80,000 while skilled workers could earn more than $ 110,000.

Young hopefuls see mining and gas jobs in Queensland as a chance to hit paydirt swiftly and set them up for life. Fly-in & fly-out work arrangements is another perk of these jobs.

There will be four more jobs expo following this.

Visit or call 1800 773 048 if you are currently in Australia and interested in getting mining and gas jobs in Queensland.

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