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Filipino Caregivers Against New Immigration Law in UK

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just a month ago, Filipino domestic helper in Hong Kong was in the news after winning her legal battle for permanent residency in Hong Kong. And now, Filipino caregivers in UK is protesting against the new UK Immigration Law that would disallow thousands of lowly paid migrant caregivers from settling in the UK after five years of work.

Kanlungan project staff Jamima Fagta, in an email to the Inquirer from London, said two caregivers, Lourdes Dizon Somera and Gundelina Ramirez shared their difficulties in obtaining their Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) document, which would allow them to live in the UK after five years of work.

The two explained to lawmakers how immigration rules affect them and their families, their work and the community as a whole.

Somera, who went to the UK five years ago to work and support her family and her younger siblings back home, said she was "devastated" when her application for ILR was rejected.

Read full story here.

There is quite a number of Filipino workers in UK including those with UK Student Visa.

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