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Check out the Come-to-Canada Wizard Tool

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Once a lady friend approached me on her chances of going to Canada. Since, I am not an immigration consultant, I referred her to another friend who actually is. And she immediately shot down my suggestion.

I'm sure there a lot of visitors of this blog that are similarly curious about their chances of going to work or live in Canada but are not yet sold to the idea of approaching an an immigration consultant.

Well, they ought to try the Come-to-Canada Wizard just like my lady friend.

This image is taken from and leads to the Come-to-Canada Wizard webpage.

The Come to Canada Wizard is a tool that presents users with a series of questions and, based on their answers, matches them with the federal immigration option that best suits their specific circumstances. It then leads them to a page that breaks down the application steps and provides instructions and forms. [Source]

However, getting approved for an issuance of a visa to work or live in Canada depends on the assessment of the immigration officer that wil be assigned to your application, in accordance with the existing Canada immigration laws and procedures. Faring well with the questionnaire of the wizard tool doesn't mean you are a shoo in. [Read Full Notice]

The wizard offers a great headstart towards achieving anyone's Canadian dream. As for me, I would like increase my chances of getting a visa to work or live in Canada by getting the services of an experienced, highy competent and more importantly authorized immigration consultant.

So, why don't you give the Come-to-Canada wizard a try?

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