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September 2011 Visa Bulletin - Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Filipinos celebrate Christmas longer. That's because Christmas season in the Philippines starts September 1, the start of the "ber" months. So let us be the first to greet you a Merry Christmas! And hopefully, a White Christmas soon for those who haven't experienced one yet.

Ministerail Instruction 3 (MI-3) Updates
As of this writing, we haven't received a single Assessment Notice from the Centralized Intake Office for applications filed under Ministerial Instruction 3 (MI-3). It's the 3rd month now. For some reason, it takes longer for CIO to process the assessment. They used to send the assessment notice within only a couple of months.

To check your application status, you may email FSW‑Sydney‑Search‑ You may contact CIO only if your application was sent at least within within the past six weeks.

As of September 6, 2011, only 90 slots remain for Registered Nurses (NOC 3152) for Federal Skilled Workers program under Ministerial Instruction 3 (MI-3). There is a great chance that the cap for nurses will be reached within this month.

The cap for NOC 1122 has been reached last August 22, 2011. Once the cap has been reached, Citizenship ang Immigration Canada will only accept applications for the affected occupation from applicant with an arranged employment.

Arranged Employment
Once the cap for your job classification has been reached, the only way to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program is to wait for the new Ministerial Instruction and or find employer in Canada who is willing to hire you, an Arranged Employment. Of course, finding an employer in Canada from outside is easier said done than. But it is doable, possible and others have done it. Here's how to find jobs in Canada.

Mark Hernandez, for example is now working in Vancouver as a Registered Nurse. He found an employer though Health Match British Columbia. Health Match BC is a free health professional recruitment service funded by Government of British Columbia. If you are a health professional seeking employment, or a health care facility in British Columbia hiring qualified professionals, Health Match BC can help.

The key to finding an employer in Canada is help the employer understand the process and help solve what they perceive to be a problem. It would also help if will have your credentials assessed by the provincail regulatory body for your profession. Writing and passing the exam to practice your profession in Canada will also give you an advantage. For registered nurses who want to start the credentials assessment, check the requirements from Provincial and Territorial Regulatory Bodies for Nurses in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program Updates

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program now have MPNP Online Application Tool. This is only applicable for priority streams such as Employer Direct Stream, International Student Stream, Family Support Stream and Strategic Initiative Stream. MPNP General Stream will have to submit application by mail.

Success Stories

It started with a Google Search
Mrs. Reanne Medallon, a Registered Nurse, is one those who stumbled upon this blog through Google search. Her visa was issued last week together with other 54 clients.

Tale of Two Dentists
When Dr. Alvaro attended the seminar few years ago, his occupation wasn't included in the priority occupations and thus, not eligible to apply. But when his occupation was included in the Ministerial Instruction 2 (MI-2), he decided right away to file his application through our help. There's another dentist who attended the same seminar but decided to file on her own. Unfortunately, her application was refused.

Ms. Abaya Visited Niagara Falls!
Ms. Laarani Abaya, a Registered Nurse moved to Canada two months ago and is now working as a health care aide at a hospital in Toronto. She sent us her picture taken at Niagara falls when she visit the place last July 31, 2011.

Canadian Visa Office Manila Visa - Processing Status

Pre-Feb 27, 2008 FSW Applications
Applications filed before February 27, 2008 are those filed mostly using the Simplified Application Process. Current average proceesing period for this batch is 62 months. Canadian Visa Office in Manila is currently processing applications filed November 2004.

Ministerial Instruction 1 (MI-1)
MI-1 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from Feb 28, 2008 to June 25, 2010. Applicants under this batch are those with at least one year experience in of the 38 high demand occupations. They were originally promised 6-12 months processing period. The promised processing period materialized only during the first few months but since there's no limit on the number of applications to be received, it resulted to unanticpated backlogs. The latest MI-1 applications being processed by Canadian Visa Office in Manila are those we filed October 2010.

Ministerial Instruction 2 (MI-2)
MI-2 applications are those filed at Centralized Intake Office from June 26, 2010 to June 30, 2011. Applicants under this batch are those with at least one year experience in any of the 29 in-demand occupations and were promised 6-12 months processing period. There's a cap of 1,000 applications per occupation, thus, and the Canadian Visa Office in Manila is current so far.

September 2011 Visa Bulletin - Merry Christmas!

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