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June 2011 Visa Bulletin - Delay in Processing Explained

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 3rd Ministerial Instruction (MI-3) is expected to be issued anytime now, on or before July 1, 2011. Considering the application backlogs, the upcoming Immigration Minister's Instruction would be crucial. It may worsen the backlogs or limit the opportunities for those planning to live and work in Canada. The next Ministerial Instruction may provide the new list of priority occupations, the number of applications to received and quite possibly, changes in the points system

Alternative Programs
If Citizenship and Immigration Canada decided to focus on their backlogs, there is a chance that there would be a fewer occupations to be listed as priority and fewer number of applications to be received for the next twelve months starting July 1, 2011. Should that be the case, that would mean the cap would be reached instantly. This is where you need to seriously consider finding an employer in Canada who might be willing to sponsor your application. Start preparing a Canadian resume format, prepare a good cover letter and find job vacancies through Canada Jobs Portal. With a job offer from Canada, you may apply under Provincial Nominee Program or Federal Skilled Worker program with Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO).

Delay in processing
Based on the recent processing times published at Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, it now takes 75 months for them to process applications filed on or before February 27, 2008 at Canadian Visa Office in Manila. It used to be 36 months. The Visa Office in Manila is yet to finish applications filed in 2004.

For applications filed between November 2008 and June 25, 2010, it now takes 12 months. It used to be 6-12 months.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is prioritizing applicants filed under Ministerial Instruction 2 (MI-2) because it seeks to respond to the most urgent labor market needs first. That explains the delay in processing, why nurses filed under MI-2 are getting results faster than some nurses filed under MI-1 even if their applications were filed several months earlier.

Illogical Approach, Let's Make a Protest!
Citizenship and Immigration Canada's decision to prioritize applicant's filed under MI-2 does not make sense. It is illogical and unfair. Nurses and physicians are both included in the priority list under MI-1 and MI-2. Are they trying to say that nurses and physicians filed under MI-2 best respond to labor market demand? What's their basis?

If you are one of those affected, you have two options. You may either wait until your application is reviewed (12 months from the time the visa office received your application) or write a letter to the visa office and voice out your protest. You have all the right to write them a letter but avoid multiple and redundant follow up. I strongly suggest you do the latter. Otherwise, be prepared to wait longer if there are nurses and physicians again included in the Ministerial Instruction 3. Who do you think would be prioritized following their logic? We have already wrote them a letter, you can do the same.

Free Canadian Visa Internet Scam Alert
Please do not be deceived by scammers who promise free Canadian visa processing. Recently, many applicants have been receiving an email allegedly from offering a free and guaranteed Canadian visa processing. Citizenship and Immigration Canada warned the public about it. It is a scam!

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