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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Search Engineering jobs in Google is probably a dream job to most technologically inclined job seekers.

For someone like me, trying my best to come up with an informative and relevant content here and in other blogs and have that content get picked up by search engines - specifically Google - it is a great dream to work on the other side. It certainly is a blast to contribute and help internet searchers find the information they looking for. And for the fun of it, giving those who aim to work the system and cheat the algorithm a hell of a time.

Here's a video of personnel working on Google Search.

Only a few would scoff at all those positives enumerated by these personnel. Admittedly, working for this techonology and internet giant, is a dream job for most job seekers.

So, if you think you are qualified and can handle search engineering jobs at Google, give them a visit here.

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