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Nurse Aides, Orderlies & Patient Service Associates [NOC 3413]

Monday, May 2, 2011

Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates assist nurses, hospital staff and physicians in the basic care of patients. They are employed in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.

Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Answer call signals; supply and empty bed pans; bathe, dress and groom patients; serve meal trays, feed or assist in feeding of patients and assist patients with menu selection; lift, turn or massage patients; shave patients prior to operations; supervise patients' exercise routines, set up and provide leisure activities for patients, and accompany patients on outside recreational activities; and perform other duties related to patient care
  • Take patients' blood pressure, temperature and pulse; report or record fluid intake and output; observe or monitor patients' status and document patient care on charts; collect specimens such as urine, faeces or sputum; administer suppositories, colonic irrigations and enemas and perform other procedures as directed by nursing and hospital staff
  • Transport patients by wheelchair or stretcher for treatment or surgery
  • Carry messages, reports, requisitions and specimens from one department to another
  • Make beds and maintain patients' rooms
  • Maintain inventory of supplies
  • May perform maintenance tasks such as assisting with the set-up and maintenance of traction equipment, cleaning or sterilizing equipment, maintaining and repairing equipment, and assembling, setting-up and operating job-related equipment.

Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates may be called by any of the following sample titles:

aide, emergency room
aide, health care
aide, hospital
aide, hospital ward
aide, medical
aide, neuropsychiatric
aide, nursery – hospital
aide, operating room
aide, patient care
aide, psychiatric
aide, special care – nursing
aide, surgical
anesthetic attendant – hospital
attendant, hospital
attendant, nursing
attendant, nursing home
attendant, personal care – medical
attendant, special care facility
emergency room aide
environmental assistant – medical
environmental support person – medical
first aid attendant – emergency
geriatric aide
geriatric health care attendant
health care aide
health care assistant
hospice worker
hospital aide
hospital attendant
hospital orderly
hospital porter
hospital ward aide
hostel service aide – medical
institutional aide
long term care aide
medical aide
medical orderly
neuropsychiatric aide
nurse aide
nursery aide – hospital
nursing assistant (non-registered)
nursing attendant
nursing home attendant
nursing orderly
nursing services aide
operating room aide
patient care aide
patient care assistant
patient care associate
patient service aide
patient service assistant
patient service associate
patient service attendant
patient service worker
personal care aide – medical
personal care attendant – medical
personal care provider – medical
personal support aide – medical
psychiatric aide
registered care aide
resident care aide – medical
resident companion – medical
respite care aide
service assistant – medical
service associate – medical
service attendant – medical
special care aide – nursing
special care facility attendant
special care worker – medical
support services assistant – medical
surgical aide
unit aide – medical
unit assistant – medical
unit support technician – medical
ward aide – medical

Nurse Aide jobs overseas for Filipinos courtesy of approved job orders by POEA this April 2011.
Approved Job Orders for Nursing Aide Position for April 2011 from POEA Database

It is noticeable that MEGA MANPOWER CORPORATION is deploying nurse aides to Saudi Arabia. Here are details about this agency from the POEA database.

Landbased Agency
Tel No/s : 5246636/ 5220185/ 5220149/ 5220152/ 5246040
Email Address :
Website : None
Official Representative : MR MARIO S CHUA
Status : Good Standing
License Validity : 3/30/2008 to 3/29/2012

Important NOTES:

These job orders were taken from the POEA website on the day indicated.
Please verify with the agency if the job orders are still active or not.
Beware of illegal recruiters. Read about illegal recruitment here.
Report to the POEA anything that may involve illegal recruitment immediately.

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