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April 2011 Visa Bulletin | 6 to 12 months processing period is no April Fools Day Joke

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ministerial Instruction mandating the 6-12 months processing for Federal Skilled Worker program applications wasn't dated April 1. It isn't one of those April Fools Day jokes. It is real! Unfortunately, the Canadian Visa Office in Manila seems to have problem keeping up with the mandated processing period.

April 2011 Visa Bulletin | 6 to 12 months processing period is no April Fools Day Joke

What we have noticed is that Canadian Visa Office in Manila is giving priority to applications filed under the 2nd Ministerial Instruction (29 occupations). These applications are receiving assessment result faster than those who filed prior to them, those who filed under the 1st Ministerial Instruction (38 occupations). The same thing is true with the visa stamping and issuance. In the past, it only takes them about two weeks. But now it takes them around 2 to 3 months. Problem is some of those who submitted passports for visa stamping way back October 2010 are still waiting for the release of their visa, while those who have just recently submitted passports are processed within a couple of months. Please be informed, however, that we are doing something about this Canadian Embassy Manila Processing Delay. We are making a follow up regularly within a reasonable period.

1,000 cap for Pharmacists has been reached
The 1,000 cap for Pharmacists was already reached last month. That means they will no longer new applications for that job classification, unless there's an arranged employment. IF you're a pharmacist and wasn't able to made it, you may still have a chance. Plan ahead, get your documents ready for the next Ministerial Instruction. While at that, prepare a Canadian resume format and start sending applications to employers in Canada. With a certifed job offer, you may then be eligible to apply for Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program or FSW through Arranged Employment Opinion. There's a guide on how to do it at the last part of this April 2011 Visa Bulletin.

New AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream
Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta may now apply for permanent residence in Canada through Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) Strategic Recruitment Stream even without sponsorship from their employers. This will only apply to workers whose occupations classified under compulsary and optional trades. To qualify under the program, applicant must be presently working in Alberta.

May 2011 Canadian Election
There is a scheduled Federal Election in Canada on May 2, 2011. The result of this election may mean changes in the regulations again. That is if the Liberals win this time. The Conservatives introduced on 2008 a measure to modernize the immigration system. It's that bill giving the Immigration Minister the power to decide who will be prioritized under the Federal Skilled Worker program. The Liberals opposed it, arguing that such measure will be be shutting the door to immigrants. But the Conservatives managed to pass the bill and as a result, we now have 6-12 months processing period for selected occupations. As a consequence, however, those who filed before Feb 2008 are now being processed longer, about 6 years! The Liberals vowed to reverse the said measure if they win.

Visa Processing Status Monitor
For applications filed before February 2008, more patience is needed. The Canadian Visa Office in Manila has been stuck on November 2004 for several months now. Unfortunately, the only way to expedite the process is to find and Arranged Employment in Canada. Another option is to file your application to Centralized Intake Office once your occupation is included in the new priority list. If you are planning to take this option, it is best if you start preparing for the IELTS Examination and updating your documents.

Cetified Job Offer is the key
With a certified job offer from Canada, be it an Arranged Employment Opinion or a Labor Market Opinion, it will definitely speed up the process for you to legally live and work in Canada. But the question is, how to find an employer who will process a job offer for you? Here's a few tips:

1. In sending applications to Canadian Employers, be suse to send a Canada Resume format. Here's a Canada resume preparation guide.

2. Now that you already have a Canada resume format, the next step is to find job vacancies. But where? There are many job posting sites on the world wide web but there's also a number of scammers out there. So here's a a few list of Canada Jobs Portal that could be helpful.

3. More info on how to find jobs in Canada:

It is of course not easy to find jobs in Canada specially if you're just using the Internet. But this is an option that I know for a fact works. Here's a couple of proof:

Mr. Zedfrey Salazar - He attended one of our seminar schedules in Angeles City. He wasn't eligible at that time, due to lack in work experience. My suggestion was to look for employer in Canada. He did and is now working in Canada.

Mr. Mark Hernandez. He sent his resume for assessment. He wasn't eligible so I just told him to look for employer. He is now in Vancouver.

It is always a numbers game, the result will be determined by your efforts. Dreaming of a better quality life is one thing. Doing something to make it happen is another thing.

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