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POEA Appeals for Loan Collection Deferment for Taiwan-Bound OFWs

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The POEA thru Administrator Carlos Cao Jr. appealed to recruitment agencies and lending companies to understand the current plight of Taiwan-bound OFWs and defer collection of loan payments until such time that they are deployed and are able to receive their first salary.

Due to the rift between the Philippines and Taiwan that started last month, Taiwan-bound OFWs were required to submit additional documents before a work visa is issued. This resulted to longer processing time. Thus, it would be a while before these OFWs can afford to pay for their loans.

Taiwan-bound OFWs surely deserves some breaks in their current predicament.

Last week, the government has set up special windows in five key government agencies (DFA, NSO, NBI, SSS & PhilHealth) to help Taiwan-bound OFWs. Those special windows will help expedite the processing of documentary requirement in compliance with Taiwan's stricter regulations for issuance of work visa.

These efforts to ease the difficulties of Taiwan-bound OFWs are welcome. However, the best scenario would be the quick resolution of the Taiwan-PHL row for the benefit of these OFWs and their families.

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