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SCAM: Caregivers for London | Mr. Nicklas Steve Addison

Friday, March 4, 2011

There's a certain Mr. Nicklas Steve Addison from London who sent me an email looking for caregivers to take care of his two kids. Here's the content of his email.

Hello, I am Mr. Nicklas Steve Addison, a 43 years parent with two little kids in london. I am a banker working with one of the small bank here in london. I am looking for a qualified caregiver/housekeeper or qualified personal individual who will be able to be looking after my two little kids in my home when I am off to work. my present caregiver will be resigning her post soon so due to the nature of my job, I would be needing someone to take over from her.

I need a caregiver whether female or male that is homely, caring, experience, humble and also God fearing that can take a very good care of my kid in my absents. The basic occupation salary is GBP600.00 Pounds per week and the contract duraction will be two years renewable. kindly email me back or call +447035972087 in regards to this offer.

I will be very grateful if I can get a positive reply from you and do not forget to give me your full details with your CV and passport copy as soon as possible or give me a call so that I can direct you on necessary requirements for the job. Best regards, Mr. Nicklas Steve Addison PHONE..+447035972087.
He said he is a banker and dont have the luxury of time but can actually sit on his computer and do bloghopping to "recruit" workers. That it inself is a suspect. And come on, I can't remember applying for a caregiver position so where in the world did you get my email address?

This is not new. In fact, I have lost count how many times I received email of this kind. They just change the names and location but mostly, they claim to be from somewhere in UK. Operators of this scam also use blog comments to lure victims.

Do not fall for it. It's a scam!

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