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Repatriated OFWs from Libya Gets A Few Good Breaks

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Repatriated OFWs from Libya really deserves a few good breaks to go their way.

The government promised to grant them Php 10,000 financial assistance, loan assistance and to prioritize them for reemployment either abroad or locally.

The jobs or opportunities lost by repatriated OFWs from Libya may not be replaced. At least, not immediately. But, I guess, they can be thankful to be safely back at home and receive some focused attention from the government.

First, the displaced OFWs from Libya will get a finacial relief assistance worth Php 10, 000 thru OWWA. To avail of the assistance, they just need to present their passports or travel documents or two valid IDs with photo.

The availing of this one-time grant will only take a day and is now available at OWWA regional welfare offices.

Definitley, the financial assistance is a small sum. The government promised to provide loan assistance.

Last and more importantly, these displaced OFWs from Libya will be prioritized to be rehired for overseas employment as promised by licensed recruitment agencies who deployed them to Libya.

Should they decided to stay, they will also be prioritized for livelihood programs and local jobs as promised by the DOLE.

List of Repatriated Filipino Nationals from Libya from the DOLE website.

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