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DFA Alert Level Guidelines for OFW Deployment by the POEA

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) of the Philippine government issued the following Alert Level guidelines with respect to POEA's deployment of overseas Filipino workers abroad.

1. For Alert Level 1 (Observation Stage), a travel advisory will be issued by the DFA. The POEA will allow the deployment of overseas Filipino workers with new job contracts (new hires) and returning workers (vacationing or rehires) with valid work visas/resident permits

2. For Alert Level 2 (Caution Stage), a travel advisory would have already been in place and a partial deployment ban will be issued. Under this alert level, only returning workers will be allowed to Bahrain. Returning workers, however, must execute an affidavit that he is well aware of the security ris, but voluntarily proceeds to Bahrain.

3. For Alert Level 3 (Warning Stage) and Alert Level 4 (Repatriation), a total deployment ban will be implemented.

These Alert Levels were specifically implemented with respect to the situation in Bahrain. I think that these guidelines serves as true with respect to any country whose situation can endanger the lives of OFWs.

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