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6 Countries OFWs Should Not Look (or worse, Come) For Jobs at the Moment

Saturday, March 5, 2011

UPDATE [March 17, 2011]:
In a memorandum, DOLE Sec. Rosalinda Baldoz ordered Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) administrator Carlos Cao Jr. to “immediately effect the deferment in the processing and deployment of all newly hired workers to Bahrain."

- Source:

UPDATE [March 11, 2011]:

Deployment of overseas Filipino workers to Bahrain is now allowed, both for returning workers and new hires, as per POEA Advisory No. 10.

There are six countries that Overseas Filino Workers (OFWs) are advised not to look for employment at the moment because of civil unrest and political instability. They are Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia & Yemen.

The raging unrest in these countries has posed a great problem to Filipinos currently working there - for their safety & repatriation back home. And as such, job seekers are advised to look for jobs elsewhere until things become peaceful and normal again.

GMAnews TV has this nice infographic about the said countries and other relevant data.

Countries not Good for OFWs at the moment
Project head and text: Paolo Ferrer
Graphics: Analyn Perez
Research: GMA News Research with reports from Reuters

The turn of events has been rather unfortunate. Add to that the virtually freeze-hiring in Taiwan. But Filipinos are known to be resilient.

I trust that these sad developments will only make OFWs more wiser into which countries are safer and stable for employment.

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