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Industrial Meat Cutters, Butchers, Poultry Preparers & Related Jobs NOC 9462

Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't you know that a meat cutter is a registered trade?

A meat cutter prepares meat or poultry for further processing, for packaging or for marketing and can either be a retail meat cutter or an industrial meat cutter.

Retail meat cutters can found from a small-family owned meatshop common on wet markets or those on supermarket chains. Industrial meat cutters are those who worked in production-oriented facilities, and generally perform fewer but repeated tasks.

Industrial Meat Cutters
Image by Joe Valbuena USDA
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Butchers and meat cutters belong in the same work group. Meat cutters are slowly replacing the term butchers. Butchers deal with meat at the carcass stage while meat cutters prepares the meat into primal cuts either for immediate cooking needs or for further processing or for packaging.

The following are some of the main duties of Industrial Meat Cutters, Butchers, Poultry Preparers & Related Jobs :
  • Industrial butchers slaughter livestock using stunning devices and knives; skin, clean and trim carcasses; remove viscera and other inedible parts from carcasses; split carcasses into smaller portions to facilitate handling; and may slaughter cattle, calves and sheep as prescribed by religious laws.
  • Industrial meat cutters cut beef, lamb, pork or veal carcasses or sides or quarters of carcasses into primal cuts for further cutting, processing or packaging; remove bones from meat; and cut meat and poultry into specific cuts for institutional, commercial or other wholesale use.
  • Poultry preparers slaughter poultry and remove inedible parts; remove feathers and singe and wash poultry to prepare for further processing or packaging.
  • Trimmers remove skin, excess fat, bruises or other blemishes from carcasses or meat portions.
Sample Titles of Industrial Meat Cutters, Butchers, Poultry Preparers & Related Jobs

animal eviscerator – meat packing plant
animal skinner – meat packing plant
animal sticker – meat packing plant
animal stunner
beef boner
beef boner – meat packing plant
beef cooler worker – meat packing plant
beef sticker – meat packing plant
beef trimmer – meat packing plant
beef-pluck trimmer
benchman/woman – meat packing plant
boner, meat
brisket cutter – meat packing plant
butcher, industrial
butcher, slaughterhouse
calf skinner – meat packing plant
carcass splitter – meat packing plant
chicken plucker
cutter – meat packing plant
dehairing machine dropper – meat packing plant
dropper, dehairing machine – meat packing plant
enzyme injector – food and beverage processing
eviscerator, animals – meat packing plant
eviscerator, poultry
ham cutter
ham sawyer – meat packing plant
head boner – meat packing plant
hog killer
industrial butcher
industrial meat chopper
industrial meat cutter
livestock killer
meat boner
meat chopper – meat packing plant
meat cutter – meat packing plant
meat dresser – meat packing plant
meat portion cutter – meat packing plant
meat roll tier – food and beverage processing
meat sawyer – meat packing plant
meat tenderizer – food and beverage processing
meat trimmer
meat trimmer – meat packing plant
poultry boner
poultry butcher – meat packing plant
poultry dresser
poultry eviscerator
poultry hanger
poultry plucker
poultry plucker tender
poultry preparer
poultry slaughterer – food and beverage processing
poultry worker – meat packing plant
ritual slaughterer – meat packing plant
shackle hoist operator – meat packing plant
sheep sticker
shohet – meat packing plant
skinner, animals – meat packing plant
slaughterer – meat packing plant
slaughterer, ritual – meat packing plant
slaughterhouse butcher
sticker, animals – meat packing plant
trimmer – meat packing plant
trimmer, meat – meat packing plant

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