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Consultation for Changes in Canada's Federal Skilled Workers Program Underway

Friday, February 18, 2011

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will start consultation today for the changes to be made on Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Program.

CIC wants to improve the program in the hope of selecting immigrants who have the best chance to integrate themselves in Canada and be better contributors to the country's economy.

Canada CIC - Federal Skilled Worker Program Consultation
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CIC will consult on:
  • requiring federal skilled workers to have a minimum level of language proficiency
  • making the program more accessible to skilled tradespeople, technicians and apprentices
  • placing greater emphasis on younger immigrants who will adapt more easily and be active members of the work force for a longer time frame
  • redirecting points from work experience to other factors that better contribute to success in the Canadian work force
  • reducing the potential for fraudulent job offers
Source Canada CIC Website
The in-person consultations start today with key stakeholders in five cities across Canada. The consultation sessions are not open to the general public and media. Organizations or individuals who may also have stakes on the Federal Skilled Workers program but isn't invited with the in-person consultations are not entirely left out. They can submit their inputs online - here - until March 17. The results of the consultation will be publishes on CIC website in spring/summer of 2011.

I hope that the changes they will arrive at would focus more on skills and work experience. These two, I think, are the best indicators what an immigrant can contribute when he or she arrives in Canada.

For those interested in to land Canada jobs or migrate to Canada, they are highly encouraged to act now and take the FREE Online Assessment - Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program. They might not be eligible after the proposed changes to the program is implemented.

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