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Chemical Engineering Career in Canada

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A chemical engineer is a good career to aspire for and to pursue because of the opportunities it brings one and chemical engineering-related careers will be in demand in Canada after 2011 to 2020.

When I was taking up engineering, most of the professors and fellow students I asked cited chemical engineering to be the most difficult field of engineering. Remembering my high school chemistry days of redux and balancing chemical equations just made me nod my head in approval.

But I recently found out that chemical engineering offered a lot of career possibilities. A degree in chemical engineering can land you in good engineering positions in the oil industry, petrochemicals, and biomedical work.

For those looking to land good chemical engineering jobs, they ought to emulate Ryan Martin, now a production engineer in Enerplus. He rightfully chose chemical engineering in college because he saw the avenues it can open up for him, learned as much as he could and is now reaping the fruits of his decision and persevarance at Enerplus, one of Canada's oldest and largest independent oil and gas producers.

The Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada reports that,

The petroleum industry will continue to provide significant job opportunities through 2020. The industry's aging workforce will drive significant replacement demand. And that key engineering roles such mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and petroleum engineers will expericence shortages after 2011 and through 2020.

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