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2 Million New US Jobs This Year

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

After the relatively good news about the increase of Canadian jobs, here's another positive news. There's one economist that sees the US economy adding two million new US jobs in 2011.

2 Million New US Jobs in 2011

Scott Brown, said to be the most accurate forecaster of jobless rate in the past two years, sees the increased consumer spending will factor primarily in generating two million new US jobs.

In other words, Americans should spend more in order for businesses to notice the demand for their products which in turn will convince them to add more jobs. Proof of the increased consumer spending were the increased gate attendance on Disney theme parks and increased advertising in cable networks. I'm sure the Super Bowl helped.

This may sound advocating materialism, but I realized seasonal spending, like in this upcoming valentines, has its own positive effect. I am a sportsfan myself and I think that the line-up of upcoming big sporting events such as the March Madness & the NBA finals, can contribute to increase advertising revenues and sale of sport merchandize.

I hope that Scott Brown would be right about the two million new US jobs which I think the other economists would'nt mind being wrong about.

Bloomberg article & wikimedia image were referenced for this post.

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