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December 2010 Visa Bulletin

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2010 Visa Bulletin

As of this writing, Citizenship and Immigration Canada already received 4,416 applications out of 20,000 quota. That's based on the report from Citizenship and Immigration Canada covering applications received from June 26, 2010 until November 29, 2010. Out of the 20,000 quota, there a cap of 1,000 applications per occupation. If your occupation is in the priority list, you have file your application ASAP!

If your occupation is in the priority list, let's get your application filed soon!

Have you taken the IELTS exam yet? If not, schedule your exam earliest possible time but make sure you make necessary preparation. Have you submitted the required documents? How about the application forms? Get in touch with your Assigned Consultant/Documentation Officer and come up with a time table. Should there be concerns that we should be aware of, please get in touch with your assigned Consultant ASAP.


Applications filed before February 2008
The latest updates/notices we received from Canadian Visa Office - Manila for those filed before Feb 27, 2008 are for applications filed November 25, 2004. Just last week, we received notices for 16 applicants all filed November 25, 2004. We have reported in the November 2010 Visa Bulltein that the latest we received was for applications filed November 24, 2010. It's slowly moving.

These notices require the applicants to submit updated documents within 60 days. The required documents includes NBI Clearance, Police Certificate from abroad (if applicable), updated application forms and in some cases, a request to submit IELTS Exam results. There are times that you will no longer be required to submit IELTS and along with the those documents that needed update, you will be required to pay the Right of Permanent Resident Fee and Medical Instuction.

Check Refund from CIO/Canadian Visa Office
For those waiting for the refund of processing fee from Canadian Visa Office as a result of withrawal of application, there is a terrible delay in check processing.

Please note that Canadian Immigration Consultancy does not have control over it. The visa office promised 12-18 weeks processing based on the letter they've sent you but in actual, it takes longer than that. Rest assured that we make a regular follow up within a reasonable intervals. We can't make a follow up as often you may want as this will only add up delays in the long run. We will keep you posted.

90 Days processing period after AOR
So you received your Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) from the Canadian Visa Office after submission of supporting documents and was told that you will recieve notice within 90 days. But 90 days passed and you still don't have the notice. Don't panic. It's not you, it's the visa office. For some reason, there is also a delay even for those filed under the new rules. We make a follow up after a reasonable allowance.

Latest AOR from Canadian Visa Office Manila states that the waiting period is now 6 months.

CIO Notice for applications filed after June 26, 2010
Last month, we started receiving assessment notice from Centralized Intake Office for application filed after June 26, 2010. Apparently, it now takes about 4 months before CIO can come up with a decision

Occupation not yet filed, not in the priority list?
Let us help you get ready in case your occupation is incuded in the priority list. Have you subitted the draft of your application forms yet? How about the list of requirements you need to submit? If not, please do not NOW. There's a lot of documents you need to submit and be checked for discrepancies, accuracy, etc. Do not wait until June 2010 before you work in your documents. Remember that Citizenship and Immigration Canada is implementing a quota and cap per occupations. You should be ready as early as now.

Free IELTS Simulation Test and Evaluation
Canadian Immigration Consultancy offers a FREE IELTS simulatin test and evaluation through an IELTS Review Center partner. IELTS Simulation Test is done daily, from Monday to Saturday. Get in touch with your assigned Consultant to arrange schedule.

TEF: Test d’évaluation de français
So you think you will lack points due to lack in work experince of a poor IELTS result? Taking Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) is an option to get additional points. If you got a good score, a maximum of 8 points mad be added to your total score using Canada's Points System for Federal Skilled Work applications.

Cheap Tickets to Canada
So you got your visa and is looking for cheap tickets to Canada? Check out our partner, CIC Travel Services, and you may just get the best deal. Tickets for new immigrants are normally given at discounted rates.

Canada lifts visa requirements for visitors from Taiwan
Good news for Taiwanese planning to visit Canada. They are now excepmted from visa requirements. Will that priveledge be given to Filipino citizens, too? Highly impossible.

Scam Alert - Sunshine Dairy Foods Company Job Scam
If you receive an email from Sunshine Dairy Foods Company offering you a job, mark it as spam. Don't send any information and never send them any money for the processing of your application. It is a scam.

1,000 cap for NOC 1122 has been reached
Once the cap has been reached, Citizenship and Immigration Canada can only accept applications for this occupation from people with an existing offer of arranged employment. If your occupation is classified as NOC 1122 and your application is not yet filed, you can still live and work in Canada provided you have an arranged employment or sponsor for Provincial Nominee Program. A new Ministerial Instruction will be issued June 2011, your application should be ready for filing in case NOC 1122 is still included in the priority list.

Choices are the hinges of destiny
Ms. Rizza Nandwani was one of the first clients who chanced upon our new Mall of Asia office last year. She walked in to inquire and after learning her options, she decided right there and then to start with her application. Her visa was issued last month. She applied as a Certified Public Accountant.

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chariekee said...

I intend to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker. I took up the IELTS recently, and took the DELF B1 Exam in Alliance Francaise in Manila. But will take some time before they release the results. However, is the DELF still different from the TEF? Would it matter if I graduated with a degree in BA European Languages, Major in the French Language? Please let me know. Thank you!

Apol said...

TEF result is conclusive. Other proof of language proficiency would be subject to visa officer's evaluation.

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