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Featured Odd Job Hiring: Highest Paid Pizza Delivery Part-Time Job

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The interwebs, specifically in Japan area, is abuzz right now of this job hiring/promo/gimmick of Domino's Pizza Japan who is celebrating its 25th year since arriving in the land of the rising Sun.

Highest Paid Pizza Delivery Part-Time Job

As part of the celebration, the Pizza chain is looking for a very lucky person who will be tasked to deliver pizza at a rate of ¥2.5 Million per hour or $31, 000 per hour. It is probably the highest paid part-time job ever.

The only qualification mentioned about this unique part-time job was that of being of legal working age. I presume a valid driving license since he/she will be delivering pizza. Further details will be revealed on November 10.

Here's the link to this part-time job hiring but it is in Japanese. Translation via Chrome browser plugin isn't accurate. I only got to know this is the right page because of the figures of the salary and the word "Arubaito" written in Katakana which I understand to be part-time job.

I guess if you're in Japan at the moment and you think you are qualified, get hold of your Kanji-literate buddy here onwards to November 10 and ask him/her to help you submit your application.

Image credits to technicolorcavalry

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