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November 2010 Visa Bulletin

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently released a couple of reports regarding Canada Immigration. One is about the Canada's immigration plan for 2011 and some statistics about 2010 performance. For the year 2011, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is targeting to process about 33,200 to 36,600 Federal Skilled Worker applications. The other report is about the number of complete Federal Skilled Worker applications since June 26, 2011.

Only a maximum of 20,000 complete Federal Skilled Worker applications will be considered for processing between June 26, 2010, and June 30, 2011. And that within the 20,000 cap, a maximum of 1,000 Federal Skilled Worker applications per eligible occupation will be considered for processing within this same period.

As of October 29, 2010, a total of 2,988 complete Federal Skilled Worker applications (without Arranged Employment) was received by Centralized Intake Office (CIO). That only means some 17,000 slots is still available! It is never too late start your application now.

This means the program is still open!

You should act quick!
Then again, the program may still be open but you the quota may be filled in earlier than we expect. Who would have thought that as of this writing, less than 100 spots remain for skilled worker NOC 1122 (Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management)? Your job classification could be next to be filled up so it is to your advantage if you file your application NOW!

If your occupation is in the priority list, let's get your application filed soon!

1. Have you taken the IELTS exam yet? If not, schedule your exam earliest possible time but make sure you make necessary preparation.
2. Have you submitted the required documents? How about the application forms? Get in touch with your Assigned Consultant/Documentation Officer and come up with a time table.
3. Should there be concerns that we should be aware of, please do not hesistate to contact me.

Occupation not in the priority list?
If your occupation will be included in the priority list tomorrow, how soon can you file your application? Are your documents ready? Do you have the right job description? Are you prepared now to take the IELTS Exam? While you are not eligible under the current regulations, you can, however, get your documents ready as early as now. Sooner or later, the priority list may change and when that happens, you better be ready. People never plan to fail. They just fail to plan.

CIO Notices
Last month, CIO notices started to pour in. These are for application filed from April 2010 to June 2010. If you are one of them, remember that you only have 120 days to comply. Failure to comply within the given period may cause to refusal of your application. Please fo not let that happen.

New Federal Internship for Newcomers Program
To get the job relative to your field, most (if not all) employers will look for your Canadian Experience. As a newly landed immigrant, you don't have that of course. And how could you have Canadian Experience if no employers will hire you in the first place? It's like Catch 22 over and over again. But now, it will no longer be a problem through New Federal Internship for Newcomers Program.

I received this interesting letter from one of my clients who landed in Alberta five months ago. He is now working as Chief Compliance Officer of a securities firm. He is now registered with Canadian National Registration Database (NRD) as a securities worker. His elder daughter is now working as Admin Assistant getting $15/hr. 7 hrs a day! When they received their visa, that daughter have just finished college here in the Philippines. How's that for a first job? All that in less than a year in Canada! It always feel good being part of this kind of success. It's one of the reasons why I love my job.

Understanding the NOC
The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is the nationally accepted reference on occupations in Canada. It is the authoritative resource on occupational information in Canada. It is used daily by thousands of people to understand the jobs found throughout Canada's labour market. There are two major attributes of jobs used as classification criteria in developing the NOC - skill level and skill type.

SCAM Alert
A blog reader ask me about Primrose Sea Foods Co. Ltd Canada job vacancies. I searched about it and was amazed on howse these scammers have evolved. Before, they use free email accounts and pretends to be officials of Citizneship and immigration Canada. At first glance, you can easliy determine that it is just a scam. But now, they have learned to make a fancy websites ( and unsuspecting applicants may really fall into their scheme.

Canadian Embassy Manila Processing Status Monitor
Based on Citizenship ang Immigration Canada's recent report to Parliament on Immigration, the number of people in the backlog of federal skilled workers—those who submitted applications prior to February 27, 2008—had been reduced by over 40 percent. That's as of March 31, 2010.

But to be specific, latest updates for those with pending applications filed before Feb 27, 2008 are for applications filed November 24, 2004. Last month, I mentioned in the Octover 2010 Visa Bulletin that the latest we received are for applications filed Nov 11, 2004. It's slowly moving.

These notices require the applicants to submit updated documents within 60 days. The required documents includes NBI Clearance, Police Certificate from abroad (if applicable), updated application forms and in some cases, a request to submit IELTS Exam results. There are times that you will no longer be required to submit IELTS and along with the those documents that needed update, you will be required to pay the Right of Permanent Resident Fee and Medical Instuction.

No notice being received yet? You can always check your application status online.

November 2010 Visa Bulletin

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