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October 2010 Visa Bulletin

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's the 100th Day since the issuance of June 26, 2010 Ministerial Instruction that regulates the acceptance of applications under Federal Skilled Worker program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is going to accept only 20,000 applications until June 25, 2011. Within the 20,000 quota is a cap of 1,000 (maximum) applications per occupation. This was actually reported in ABS-CBN Bandila, with a CIC Consultant (Ms. Evangeline Naron) as one of the resource perosons.

Is the program still open?

Yes, it is!

But not for long. The immigration quota may be met within the next 3-6 months. So waste no time and get your documents ready. Please get in touch with your assigned Consultant and or Documentation Officer handling your account. If you haven't written the IELTS Examination yet, take advantage of our FREE IELTS Simulation Test and Evaluation and schedule your IELTS Exam soon. You need the IELTS Examination Results to send your application to Centralized Intake Office. The same thing is true for Provincial Nominee Program.

I wanted to file, but my occupation is not in the list

You should ask yourself this: If a new list will be released tomorrow and your occupation is now included, how soon can you get your application filed? Remember that Citizenship and Immigration Canada is now imposing a quota and the rule of the game now is to get your application filed as soon as the opportunity opens. Get your documents ready now. Let's get your application forms ready!

You will never regret doing it now, but you may forever regret not doing it while you still have the chance.

Delays here and there

It now takes about 4-5 months before Centralized Intake Office is able to send its assessment result to Federal Skilled Worker applicants. It used to be 30 days only. The culprit here is the change in the application procedures.

Before the June 26, 2010 Ministerial Instruction, only the following documents are needed to be sent to CIO:

- Application Forms
- Copy of Passport (principal applicant)
- Processing fee

But right now, CIO requires to submit copies of supporting documents such as employment records, college diploma, transcript of records and other visa office specific requirements including original IELTS Examination result. Ovbiously, it will take them longer to review each application. What is unusual is that some of those filed on June 2010 already got the result but most of April 2010 and May 2010 applicants are yet to receive a notice from CIO. What's wrong, CIO?

Check Refund Delays

Those who withdraw their application and who were promised by the Canadian Visa Office in Manila to receive the check refund within 18 weeks are not receiving the refund as promised. Please understand that we do not have control on processing the refund. The most that we can do is make a follow up and we've done that already.


SCAM: Town Inn Suites Hotel - TorontoTown Inn Suites Hotel SCAM is no diffirent from other Canada Hotel scams. It uses Canadian Immigration Bureau in Ottawa Canada and Canadian Zonal Tourist Department as an authority to process your visa. Both of which are nonexistent.

Jordan Valley Medical Center Does Not ExistSome unscrupulous recruiters are recruiting hospital workers (doctors, nurses, medical technicians, ambulance crew, drivers, etc.) for deployment to Israel but The Philippine Embassy in Israel confirmed that it is just a scam.

Canadian Embassy Manila Processing Status Monitor
Here's the latest updates for those with pending applications filed before Feb 27, 2008.

It seems that all September 2004 and October 2004 applications had all been processed now. For the last threee weeks, the request for updates we've received are for applications filed on November 2004, the latest of which is November 11, 2004.

These notices require the applicants to submit updated documents within 60 days. The required documents includes NBI Clearance, Police Certificate from abroad (if applicable), updated application forms and in some cases, a request to submit IELTS Exam results. There are times that you will no longer be required to submit IELTS and along with the those documents that needed update, you will be required to pay the Right of Permanent Resident Fee and Medical Instuction.

No notice being received yet? You can always check your application status online.

October 2010 Visa Bulletin.
Visa Bulletin is a monthly newsletter being sent to clients of Mr. Apol E. Apuntar, Senior Consultant - Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

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