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Careers that Get you Paid while Having Fun

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. - Confucius

Only a few people can exactly relate to this quotation from the legendary philosopher. Most of the time, people are made to choose between a low-paying job that they love or a high-paying job that is never fun at all.

Here are some of the high-paying fun jobs that one should consider when looking for a career path.

  • Video Game Designer

    Since its creation, video games have been the favorite past-time of most kids despite parents doing everything to get in the way of game controllers. However, this can lead to a video game designing career when a child develop his/her eye for color and image creativity.
  • Chef

    Everyone loves to eat great food. Happy are those who can developed a great tongue for flavors and cuisines. Not only will they be able to eat what they like, they can even be employed to cook and prepare dishes or an entire menu, much to their taste-buds' and paychecks' liking.
  • Events Organizer

    People who love to party can develop a knack for throwing amazing bashes. It is a great career to pursue for people who have an eye, a taste and excellent organizing skills for great entertainment or outstanding events.

Know more about other high-paying fun careers - how it becomes fun, the usual training/background needed to land on these careers and, of course, the pocket-watering salaries you can get - here.

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