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Filipina Au Pairs Deployment to Switzerland, Norway & Denmark Now Allowed - POEA

Friday, October 29, 2010

POEA Governing Board has issued three separate resolutions allowing deployment of Au Pairs to Switzerland, Norway & Denmark after the 3 countries guaranteed protection for them and agreed to observe the requirements set by the Philippine government.

Au Pair is a French term meaning "on par" or "equal to". Au Pair placement is an arrangement for young individuals to live in a foreign country for up to two years as a member of a local family for mimimal light household chores & child care.

Filipinas who will be employed as an Au Pair stand to benefit from a small monetary compensation. But more importantly, fthey will get a special privilege to learn the culture of the host country as they will be living with their employers, be treated as part of the family and will be enrolled in a school for language training.

13 years ago, deployment of Au Pairs to Europe were banned because of reported maltreatment, unfair compensation, excessive working hours, discrimination and sexual abuse.

Know about POEA guidelines, employer and applicant respective responsibilities with regards to Au Pairs Deployment in Europe here.

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