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New Rules Strengthen Canada's
Temporary Foreign Workers Program

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism Jason Kenney announced the new rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program last month, aimed at strengthening the program.

The program is implemented by the Canadian government to address temporary labor shortages that can not be filled by its citizens. Canada greatly recognizes the program's contribution to its labor and economic sector. With the new rules, the program's integrity is improved and more protection given to temporary foreign workers.

Highlights of the changes, which come into effect on April 1, 2011, include:
  • a more rigorous assessment of the genuineness of the job offer;
  • a two-year prohibition from hiring temporary foreign workers for employers who fail to meet their commitments to workers with respect to wages, working conditions and occupation;
  • a limit on the length of time a temporary foreign worker may work in Canada before returning home
This is good news for foreign workers wanting to land a temporary position in Canada. With these new improvements on the program, they will be more protected against unscrupulous employers who renege on the agreed position, salary and work environment.

And remember that being a temporary foreign worker in Canada can lead to permanent residence and even citizenship.

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