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Fast Becoming High Demand Careers in US
based on Job Postings Online

Monday, September 20, 2010

The US economy may be bleak, but increase in online job postings for select high demand careers can provide jobseekers something to look forward to with great optimism.

Fast Becoming High Demand Careers in US

Investopedia named the following five careers with the fastest rate of increase demand via online ads in the past 13 months based on its Monster Employment index.

  • Legal Careers up to 29%
  • Business and Finance Careers Up to 28%
  • Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media Careers - Up 25%
  • Architecture and Engineering Careers - Up 23%
  • Health Care Support Careers - Up 20%
Investopedia uses the Monster Employment Index - tracking online job postings from over 1,500 job search websites including in the US.

Yahoo has listed the relevant degrees needed and average salaries specific to these fast becoming five high demand careers here.

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