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From Temporary Worker to Immigrant Status via Canadian Experience Class

Friday, September 10, 2010

Over 150,000 temporary positions are offered by the Canadian government to foreign workers annually. Those that are lucky enough to land a temporary position has a fairly good chance of migrating to Canada through the Canadian Experience Class program.

Although the temporary work permit is not yet the same as an immigration document, it gives a foreign worker - who intends to permanently live there - a great advantage. One, because he is already there, he can acclimatize himself about Canada and immersed himself with the culture.

More importantly, its because of the Canadian Experience Class program. Within two years of being a temporary worker, a foreigner becomes eligible to apply for immigrant status. Passing all the requirements including specific language requirements, he or she can eventually be a Canadian citizen.

Watch this video about the Canadian Experience Class Program.

The Canadian Experience program gives skilled workers not only a chance to gain employment but also gain immigrant status. In return, Canada gains skilled workers that becomes contributing citizen for the country's further development.

Find out more about this Canada immigration program on its official webpage.

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