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July 2010 Visa Bulletin

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I think it's Charles Darwin who once said that it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Do you agree?

It isn't enough that your occupation is now included in the high demand occupations. In the same manner, it is not a problem if your occupation is not currently included. The list may change earlier than we expect. The key to success - to live your dream of living and working in Canada with your family - depends on how you respond to changes. We do not have control over these changes. But we sure can do something to make ourselves ready.

July 2010 Visa Bulletin is about changes.


As you are now aware, another ministerial instruction was issued and will be effective as of June 26, 2010. There's a new in-demand occupations and a new application procedure. This is actually the changes I was referring to in April 2010 Bulletin. Only those included in the 29 High Demand Occupations will be processed under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, unless you have an arraged employment. Another consideration is the cap set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. For the next 12 months, they will only accept 20,000 applications with a cap of a maximum of 1,000 applications for each occupation. If they're quota is reached, they will stop accpeting applications. I can't tell you when will that happen. What I can do tell is that the sooner you file your application, the better it will be.

Let us get your application filed NOW!

While you are preparing for your IELTS, please submit copies of the following documents for us to finalize your application forms:

- Applications forms with complete information
- birth certificate
- Proof of cohabitation/marriage certificate
- Princiapal Applicant's passport
- Proof of relationship in Canada
- College Diploma, Transcript of Records (TOR) and PRC certificates
- Detailed Job description of you and your spouse

We need the above-mentioned documents to finalize your application forms. We will require copies of other documents once you are done with your IELTS and other requirements like settlement funds and processing fee is ready.

Not included in the list?

IF your occupation is not included in the list, make sure you get your documents ready as early as now. The idea is to get ready now so that by the time your occupation is included, we can file your application right away. You may also submit the above documents and we will help you get your application ready. While at that, you should start preparing yourself for the IELTS Examination. Sooner or later, the list will change. Do not wait until the last minute.

Success Stories

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is still open. Mr. Vergara and his family have just been issued their visas. They don't have relatives in Manito, a friend sponsored their application.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Ms. Neslien Regencia is due to give birth for their first child this coming September. But unlike most, she will no longer need to worry about maternity related expenses. They have just landed in Vancouver last month and after three months, they will be entitled to FREE health care!

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. Mr. Era works as MIS Manager and a part time College Instructor while his wife manage their business - a pawn shop/money changer. But despite that, they still decided to immigrate to Canada. Mr. Era is indeed a DAD!

Police Certificates

  • How to get Vietnam Police Certificate

  • How to get Canadian Police Clearance

  • Passport renewal concern

    No need to wait long for the renewal of your passport if you have a request from the embassy. OFWs need not wait for passport appointment, according to Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

    Canadian Embassy Manila Processing Time Delay

    Waiting for your visa or result of your application and the standard processing time already lapsed? Don't worry, We will make a follow up after a reasonable time. There is a slight delay in Canadian Embassy Manila Processing Time.

    VISA Processing Status

    For those whose applications were filed before Feb 2008 not covered by the expedited process, please be informed that the latest update we received from the Canadian Visa Office in Manila are for applications filed November 2, 2004. If your application is filed before October 2004 and you do not have an update notice yet, do not panic. Yours could be next. You may check your application status online.

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