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Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management (NOC 1122)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management (NOC 1122) includes those who provide services to management such as analyzing the operations, managerial methods or functions of an organization in order to propose, plan and implement improvements, or analyzing advertising needs and developing appropriate advertising plans. They are employed by management consulting firms, advertising agencies and throughout the public and private sectors or are self-employed.
Management consultants perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Analyze and provide advice on the managerial methods and organization of a public or private sector establishment

  • Conduct research to determine efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and programs

  • Conduct assessments and propose improvements to methods, systems and procedures in areas such as operations, human resources, records management and communications

  • Conduct quality audits and develop quality management and quality assurance standards for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) registration

  • Plan the reorganization of the operations of an establishment

  • May supervise contracted researchers or clerical staff.

  • Advertising and promotion consultants perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Assess characteristics of products or services to be promoted and advise on the advertising needs of an establishment

  • Advise clients on advertising or sales promotion strategies

  • Develop and implement advertising campaigns appropriate for print or electronic media.

  • Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management Sample Titles
    * account executive, advertising
    * advertising account executive
    * advertising campaign organizer
    * advertising consultant
    * advertising specialist
    * adviser, corporate development planning
    * analyst, business management
    * analyst, business methods
    * analyst, filing systems
    * analyst, industrial and commercial methods
    * analyst, methods and cost
    * analyst, methods and procedures
    * analyst, occupational – services to management firms
    * analyst, records management systems
    * analyst, time study
    * analyst, work study
    * business consultant
    * business management analyst
    * business management consultant
    * business methods analyst
    * certified management consultant
    * client group supervisor
    * conference facilitator
    * consultant, advertising
    * consultant, business
    * consultant, management
    * consultant, organizational analysis
    * co-ordinator, standards
    * corporate development planning adviser
    * corporate planner
    * direct mail specialist
    * expert trade consultant
    * facilitator, conference
    * file manager
    * filing systems analyst
    * forms management analysts supervisor
    * industrial and commercial methods analyst
    * ISO consultant
    * management analyst
    * management consultant
    * marketing specialist – advertising
    * methods and cost analyst
    * methods and procedures analyst
    * occupational analyst – services to management firms
    * officer, organization and methods
    * operations management senior consultant
    * organization and methods officer
    * organization and methods researcher
    * organizational analysis consultant
    * organizational analyst
    * organizer, advertising campaign
    * point of sale system manager
    * price management analyst
    * product manager – marketing
    * promotion representative
    * promotion specialist
    * promotion strategies consultant
    * quality auditor, industrial standards
    * records filing systems analysts supervisor
    * records management specialist
    * records management systems analyst
    * records manager – business services
    * researcher, organization and methods
    * senior consultant, operations management
    * senior marketing consultant
    * service manager – marketing support
    * specialist, advertising
    * specialist, records management
    * specialist, standards
    * standards co-ordinator
    * standards specialist
    * supervisor, forms management analysts
    * supervisor, records filing systems analysts
    * supervisor, work study analysts
    * team training specialist
    * time study analyst – services to management firms
    * work reorganization consultant
    * work study analyst
    * work study analysts supervisor

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