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Primary Production Manager

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This unit group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of establishments in the following primary industries: forestry and logging, mining and quarrying, oil and gas drilling, production and servicing operations, and commercial fishing.

Primary production managers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Oversee and analyze operations in forestry, logging, mining, quarrying, or oil and gas operations or in services to logging, mining and oil and gas industries, or in commercial fishing

  • Recommend operational changes to senior management when necessary to ensure that production quotas and procedures are met

  • Prepare production reports for review by senior management

  • Confer with other managers to set production quotas, to plan extraction sites and to develop policies for the removal of raw materials

  • Evaluate efficiency of production sites to determine adequacy of personnel, equipment and technologies used, and make changes to work schedule or equipment when necessary

  • Ensure adherence to safety regulations

  • Hire personnel and oversee training needs of staff

  • May direct peripheral activities such as the construction of access roads or temporary living quarters.

  • Primary Production Manager Sample Titles
    * director of mining
    * director of mining operations
    * drilling operations manager
    * fishing operations manager
    * forestry and logging manager
    * forestry operations manager
    * gas field operations manager
    * logging production manager
    * manager of mining operations
    * manager, drilling operations
    * manager, fishing operations
    * manager, forestry and logging
    * manager, forestry operations
    * manager, gas field operations
    * manager, logging production
    * manager, mine
    * manager, oil well drilling
    * manager, oil well servicing
    * manager, peat bog
    * manager, production – coal mining
    * manager, quarry
    * manager, raw materials production
    * manager, woodlands
    * mine manager
    * mine superintendent
    * mining operations director
    * mining operations manager
    * oil and gas drilling superintendent
    * oil and gas fields production manager
    * oil well drilling manager
    * oil well servicing manager
    * peat bog manager
    * production manager – coal mining
    * production manager, oil and gas fields
    * quarry manager
    * quarrying manager
    * quarrying operations manager
    * raw materials production manager
    * shore captain – fishing
    * superintendent, mine
    * superintendent, oil and gas drilling
    * superintendent, underground mine
    * superintendent, woods
    * underground mine superintendent
    * underground mining superintendent
    * woodlands manager
    * woods superintendent

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    holly said...

    Does a Production Engr in manufacturing/semicon covers this NOC? Thanks!

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