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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Architects conceptualize, plan and develop designs for the construction and renovation of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. They are employed by architectural firms, private corporations and governments, or they may be self-employed.
Architects perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Consult with clients to determine type, style and purpose of renovations or new building construction being considered

  • Conceptualize and design buildings and develop plans describing design specifications, building materials, costs and construction schedules

  • Prepare sketches and models for clients

  • Prepare or supervise the preparation of drawings, specifications and other construction documents for use by contractors and tradespersons

  • Prepare bidding documents, participate in contract negotiations and award construction contracts

  • Monitor activities on construction sites to ensure compliance with specifications

  • Conduct feasibility studies and financial analyses of building projects.

  • Architects may specialize in a particular type of construction such as residential, commercial, industrial or institutional.

  • Architects Example Titles

    * architect
    * architect, residential buildings
    * architectural standards specialist
    * chief architect
    * consulting architect
    * industrial and commercial buildings architect
    * residential architect

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