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March 2010 Visa Bulletin

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The month of March is school graduation month. Parents with kids who will be graduating this month deserve a pat on the back. Education is one the best gifts that parents can give to their children. Congratulations!

Average income earners commonly encounter financial difficulties in sending their kids to school. But because we all know how important education for our children is, we strive very hard to make it possible. We never see financial problem as hindrance. Instead, we look at is a challenge. We never give up.

The same thing is true with Canada Immigrant Visa Application. You should never make financial problem be the reason in giving up your dream to live and work in Canada. If you have the skills, education and experience, you should never give up!

March 2010 Visa Bulletin

Success Stories

Are you doing it for the right reason? Canada isn't for everyone. Before you decide to immigrate to Canada, you must ask yourself if you are ready with consequences - the sacrifice needed in starting a new life in Canada, giving up your comfort zone, etc.

Earning dollars need not be difficult. You don't need to leave your family behind. There is a big difference between working abroad as a contract worker and as an immigrant.

Canada PR Visa for the Perez Family. If you're a nurse, you do not need a hospital experience to be eligible!


VAM OIL AND GAS COMPANY LIMITED is victimizing applicants who wish to work in London. But just the same, I decided to post it here hoping to expose these scammers and for my blog readers to be aware. Who knows, they can easily change the details and later make it Canada.

Canadian Immigration Police Bureau Canada Service
There is no such thing as Canadian Immigration Police Bureau Canada Service. So if you receive an email from them offering you a job. Simply mark their email as spam.


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The Canadian Visa Office in Manila is slowly moving. At the end February 2010, the latest that they have processed are those filed October 12, 2004. For the new application filed after Nov 2008, the processing period remains to be an average of six months from the time the Visa Office received the application with supporting documents. The list of high demand occupations remains to be the same.

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