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April 2010 Visa Bulletin

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Changes Coming Soon!

Canada's Immigration priorities may soon be changed anytime after April 16, 2010! And this is no April fool's day joke. The national and regional stakeholders, provinces and territories and the general public in Canada is currently working on the consultation until April 16, 2010. This consultation will identify Canada’s new and emerging labour market needs and how the immigration can best respond to the economic recovery of Canada.

What's in it for you?

If you're occupation is in the current list of high demand occupations, get your application filed NOW! The 1st Phase of the immigration process under Federal Skilled Worker program does not take that much time to prepare. The only documents needed to complete the 1st Phase are:

-Resume with your job description;
-Complete application forms;
-Copy of principal applicant's passport bio-page;
-Filing fee payable to “Receiver General for Canada”

We would appreciate knowing what is holding your application up. We would like to help you expedite the submission of your application. Please take us up on our offer. Let me know if there are concerns that we should be aware of.

Now, if you already have a positive assessment from Centralized Intake Office (CIO), submit the supporting documents to Canadian Visa Office as soon as possible. You were given 120 days but you shouldn't wait until the last day.

Once the list of new high demand occupations is issued through a Ministerial Instruction, there might be some sort of a cut-off period to start the implementation. To be safe, GET YOUR APPLICATION FILED NOW! The longer you delay your actions, the more you are risking your eligibility.

IELTS Exam is Mandatory

This is just a reiteration that IELTS Examination is mandatory - change on proof of language proficiency rule. Beginning April 10, 2010, prospective immigrants will be required to prove their English and French language abilities at the time they apply. In the past, if you submitted an alternative documents to support your language proficiency, applicants are still being given the chance to provide further documentation or to write the IELTS examination.

If you are one of those who were not able to file their application because of the changes last November 2008, your occupation may be included now in the new list. You should start preparing yourself for the IELTS examination, too!

SCAM Alert

Authorization Letter from Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers
If you are actively looking from employers in Canada through the Internet and somebody asked you to get an Authorization Letter from Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers and that you need to pay $85 to get it, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT!

Immigration Consultant Fereydoun HADAD Sentenced

West Vancouver Police opened an investigation in April 2008 after being alerted by Canada Border Services Agency and Vancouver Police to allegations of a Surrey woman.
The victim alleged over 50 thousand dollars had been illegally transferred from an account she had set up on the advice of West Vancouver immigration consultant Fereydoun HADAD.

VISA Processing Status

For those whose applications were filed before Feb 2008 not covered by the expedited process, please be informed that the latest update we received from the Canadian Visa Office in Manila are for applications filed October 28, 2004. If your application is filed before October 2004 and you do not have an update notice yet, do not panic. Yours could be next. You may check your application status online.

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