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Republic Act 8042: Heavier penalties vs illegal recruitment

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soon, illegal recruitment will have a tougher definition through Republic Act 8042 providing amendments to Migrant Workers Act of 1995.

The definition of illegal recruitment will now include:

  • reprocessing workers through a job order that pertains to non-existent work

  • work different from the actual overseas work

  • work with a different employer whether registered or not with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

  • Penalty for illegal recruitment:

  • imprisonment of not less than 12 years but no more than 20 years, and a fine of not less than P1 million nor more than P2 million.

  • If the illegal recruitment is considered an economic sabotage, the penalty is life imprisonment plus a fine of not less than P2 million and not more than P5 million.

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