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November 2009 Visa Bulletin

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Visa Bulletin is a monthly newsletter sent by Mr. Apol Apuntar to his clients. Mr. Apuntar is a Senior Consultant from Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

November 2009 Visa Bulletin

Greetings from Canadian Immigration Consultancy!

The Immigration Minister have just tabled the Citizenship and Immigration Canada's 2009 Annual Report. Together with the 2009 report is Canada's 2010 Immigration Plan which plans to welcome between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents. That can only sounds good news for those who are still interested to live and work in Canada!

Reducing the backlogs
Citizenship and Immigration Canada boasts of reducing the backlog of federal skilled worker applicants down from over 630,000 to 425,000 - a reduction of more than 30%. However, the fact remains that the Canadian Visa Office in Manila is not yet done processing all applications filed in 2004. The phasing went slow this year, but please don't be discouraged. Instead, here's what you may do while waiting:

  • 1.Attached is the list of requirements that may required by the visa office once your application is ready for processing. Get them ready as early as now. Please note that aside from the NSO Authenticated Marriage certificate, you will also be required to submit ADVISORY ON MARRIAGES. You can get the document from NSO, too. For single, the requirement is CENOMAR.

  • 2.Prepare for your IELTS Examination. It is now mandatory. If you want, you can request for an IELTS Simulation Test and Evaluation through our partner. It's FREE. Check your contract if it's included in the package

  • IELTS Expiration
    Technically, the Visa Office in Manila requires that IELTS Examination Results should not be older than one year. The requirement is General Training type of exam, but if you already have the Academic Type, that will be accepted. Read On IELTS Exam Expiration

    Beware of Online SCAMS!
    If you are actively looking for job offer though the Internet, beware of this new online scam: Hotel Job Opportunity: Welcome to Hotel De Chat Lodge, Quebec.

    Special Immigration Measures for Typhoon Victims
    As a result of the news about Canada's Special Immigration Measures for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines, my email inbox was flooded with question on how they will benefit from it. Unfortunately, the program is not applicable to Federal Skilled Worker program. The special program is applicable only to Family Class Sponsorship and and Temporary Resident Visa applications. Read Who may apply under Canada's Special Immigration Program for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines.

    Effect of Ministerial Instruction.

    The effect of Nov 28, 2008 Ministerial Instruction identifying high demand occupations for faster processing is either positive or negative depending on when your application was filed and what your job classification is. If you you are included in the list, it is of course positive.

    But if your application is filed between Feb 27, 2008 and Nov 27, 2008 and your occupation is not in the high demand list, there is a great chance that your application will be returned unprocessed with refund on the processing fee you paid, if you haven't received one yet.

    What to do if your application is returned?
    Please understand that the purpose for this action by the Minister was to reduce the growing backlog of immigration applications and to speed up the processing for occupations considered in high demand.

    Presently there are around 925,000 applicants waiting for up to six years for a decision. Without the new system the backlog was projected to grow to 1.5 million applicants by 2012. The waiting period would have been extended to at least 10 years or more. The Minister felt the long waiting period was unacceptable to applicants and changes had to be made. The Minister has made the commitment to processing selected occupations within 6 to 12 months from the date filed.

    Instead of holding onto applications, not on the list of 38 occupations, and waiting until their occupation was open to continue processing, the Minister made the decision to partially clear the backlog of immigration applications filed and return their filing fees. This was the Minister's prerogative according to the changes made.

    There is a “Silver Lining” to the recent decision by the Minister. Applicants that are listed for visa processing will be processed quickly. Only 6 to 12 months visa processing time. No more long waiting periods for your immigrant visa.

    In the future the Minister will open and close occupations more frequently. That means only serious minded applicants need apply. In order to catch the chance to immigrate to Canada applicants must apply quickly once their occupation is open.

    We know applicants affected by this change are serious about immigrating to Canada. We encourage those applicants affected by the changes to always be ready for their chance to re-apply. Get your application completed in advance. We will continue to help you get ready. We will notify you when your occupation is open for processing.

    Your chance to immigrate will come. Most likely sooner than the 6 to 10 year waiting period your present application was going to take. The Canadian government has acknowledged that all future growth in the Canadian labor force will come from immigration. Canada needs workers from all the professions and trade skills.

    Everything is working in your favor, the low birth rate in Canada and the aging population. Canada needs more immigrants than what they are presently processing each year. All of this is good news for those that want to immigrate to Canada.

    Our advice to those affected by the change is to take this time and strengthen your application. Start by preparing yourselves for the IELTS Examination.

    We realize preparing for the IELTS test is an inconvenience. But please put taking this test in the proper perspective. If the only thing that can keep you and your family from “Living the life you all dream about” is to take an English test, are you going to let this hold you and your family back from a bright future? We hope that is not the case.

    There is no excuse that English is a reason for not getting an immigrant visa to Canada. All Filipino Canadian immigrants were educated in English. English is not a foreign language as it is in many countries. Filipinos are sought all over the world. One of the reasons why foreign employers prefer Filipino workers is because they know how to speak English. Isn't that something Filipinos should be proud of?

    All you have to do to get the maximum points for English is to brush up on your English skills. CIC is offering, free of charge, a 3-hour IELTS simulation test. We encourage you to take this test and find out if you need to spend a little time improving your English skills. There is no need to learn French to try and get more points. You already know how to speak, read and write English. All you need to do is brush up your skills.

    Right now is also a good time to collect all the documents that are required by the embassy to process your visa. Do not assume you can get all the documents needed. It might take you longer than you think to get some of the required documents. Put all of these documents together right now. Keep them in a file ready for processing when your occupation opens.

    And while waiting for the window to open for you, try to maximize the use of Internet in looking for a possible job offer. Here's how to find jobs in Canada.

    In conclusion, your occupation will open in time. When the time comes make sure you are ready to file immediately. Take this time to make sure you have everything in order and have done all you can to strengthen your case. We believe the end result will turn out to be a faster processing time to get your immigrant visa to Canada than what you were facing.

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