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U.S. Embassy in Manila Now at Twitter!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

U.S. Embassy in Manila Now at Twitter!

Want to get updates from US Embassy Manila really quick? Follow them on twitter!

At the U.S. Embassy in Manila, we use all sorts of modern technology to stay in touch, and we want more people to have virtual access to us and our activities. We have a new U.S. Embassy Manila Facebook page, along with our Embassy website, to share stories, news and photos with you.

And now, we are launching a U.S. Embassy Manila Twitter account. Starting Monday, October 19, we begin “Twitter Week.” We will not only launch our site, but will also add fast updates on what members of our Embassy team are doing. You can follow us at http:/[Source]

You may also follow me @gatewaytocanada to get updates about immigration and employment opportunities abraod.

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