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US Visa Belletin

Friday, August 14, 2009

Few weeks ago, I wrote about, USA's National Visa Center (NVC) official website. The NVC processes all approved immigrant visa petitions after they are received from Citizenship and Immigration Services. Now, let me tell you about the US Visa Bulletin.

The Visa Bulletin is a monthly publication of the Bureau of Consular Affairs within the U.S. Department of State. The Bulletin provides information on immigration, visas, and refugee admissions and other related topics.

For more information about Visa Bulletin - current bulletin and archive bulletins - visit

Through US Visa Bulletin, you will now which priority dates that are currently being processed. Priority date is the date the USCIS first received the immigrant petition (Form I-130) filed (For Family Based Green Card) and for Employment Based Green Card, this is the date the Labor Certification application (ETA Form 9089) is accepted for processing. Visa Bulletin also publishes numbers of immigrant visas to be processed for the month.

Visa Bulletin September 2009 is already out. Do you want to be notified once the Visa Bulletin October 2009 is published? Send an email to and in the message body type: Subscribe Visa-Bulletin First name/Last name (example: Subscribe Visa-Bulletin Sally Doe)

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