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Italy: Amnesty for illegal migrant workers

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Illegal migrant workers in Italy may now avail of amnesty program. Amnesty Processing Fee is Five Hundred Euro (€500 ) or about P34,000.00.

I saw this news from TV Patrol and actually captured a picture from a our television screen.

Italy grants amnesty to illegal migrant workers

Here's a news article (Italy grants amnesty to illegal migrant workers) from

Thousands of undocumented Filipino workers may soon find themselves legally staying in Italy when the Italian government grants them amnesty.

Reports said that a new law will soon be enforced that would give amnesty or regularize illegal migrant workers in the service sector including caregivers.

Employers need to pay a processing fee amounting to 500 Euros or P34,000 to legitimize the stay of the their worker.

This Amnesty program for illegal migrant workers in Italy is expected to be implemented in September. That means illegal migrant workers in Italy have at least two more months to save money for the processing fee.

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