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I am Hepatitis B carrier, Can I apply for Canada Immigration?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are you planning to apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa but is worried because your Hepatitis B positive?

Here's what you need to know about medical examination and medical inadmissibility.

The medical examination includes:

* complete physical examination for all family members;
* chest X-ray and a radiologist’s report for everyone aged 11 years and over;
* blood test for everyone aged 15 years or over;
* urinalysis for everyone aged 5 years or over;
* HIV testing for everyone aged 15 years or over, as well as for children who have received blood or blood products, or have a known HIV mother.

You and each of your family members will have to complete your own copy of the Medical Report, where you will have to write your answers to the questions on the form IMM 5419.

Question No. 8 is about Hepatitis.

When there is a history of hepatitis in those older than 15 years of age, the details from the applicant should include the date and type of hepatitis, if known.

Note: If the applicant is not excessive demand exempt, then the results of serum AST and ALT should be provided. If these are abnormal (greater than 1.5 X normal value), then a specialist’s report including hepatitis C antibodies and hepatitis B surface antigen should be provided.

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